No More Room in Hell 2 at the 2024 PC Gaming Show!

Our announcement trailer at Summer Game Fest was just the start!

We have more to share about No More Room in Hell 2 and the team developing it with our first official Dev Diary: Co-op with Consequences! Hear from the game’s development team as they go into greater detail about what you can expect in the active apocalypse.

No More Room in Hell 2 is an intense permadeath co-op journey into the eerie darkness of zombie-infested zones. As an emergency responder, you must survive, scavenge, stockpile and fulfill your mission – then repeat, each time in an ever-changing experience.

As Matt Kazan (Narrative Lead) puts it in the Dev Diary, “Imagine playing through a Zombie movie with your friends.”

Highlights from the dev diary –


No More Room in Hell 2 brings true Co-op with Consequences with the use of permadeath. Leif Walter (Game Director) explains “You need some stakes, there needs to be consequences for failure. And that’s where permadeath comes in, where we got really inspired by some rogue-like games”. The addition of permadeath creates an interesting gameplay dynamic, Steve Piggott (Torn Banner CEO & Creative Director) adds: “So it almost feels like it’s a cliff that you’re constantly climbing and it’s just hard to stay on that cliff because you’re losing the character after a couple of runs.”

Social Dynamics

8 players will come together to explore a large map, working together to survive against the horde while completing objectives – often with some interesting social friction. “There are some social dynamics at play where there is no hostility between players, but you might have your own agenda, you might want to complete your own goals. What will your group want to do?” – Leif Walter.

An Ocean of Darkness

At its core, No More Room in Hell 2 is a horror experience, and lighting, or a lack thereof, is as much a character in the game as any player, and plays a vital role to the setting.

“We really wanted to wrap the player in this feeling where it’s so dark and it’s so high contrast that the player can’t trust his surroundings.” – Pat Ingoldsby (Art Director).


To find out even more, tune in to our first official Livestream on June 11th, which will feature NMRiH2 Devs discussing a wide range of topics, and a Q&A with questions from you!

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