No More Room in Hell 2 – coming Halloween 2024 from Torn Banner Studios

No More Room in Hell 2 is an intense permadeath co-op journey into the eerie darkness of zombie-infested zones. As an emergency responder you must survive, scavenge, stockpile and fulfill your mission – then repeat, each time in an ever-changing experience.

View the announcement trailer, first revealed during Summer Game Fest 2024:

No More Room in Hell 2’s original developer, Lever Games, was acquired by Torn Banner, the studio behind Chivalry 1 & 2, and the original “Age of Chivalry” mod. Led by a core team of veterans from Torn Banner and Lever Games, the majority of the previous No More Room in Hell 2 team continues to work at the studio on the sequel.

A commercial release in the same world as the 2011 award-winning Source mod, players start isolated in the dark, find their friends, and try to survive in a dynamic, endlessly replayable zombie apocalypse. With enemies and map locations inspired by classic horror cinema, No More Room in Hell 2 will instill terror into players while offering fresh, tactical gameplay, high-stakes permadeath, and intricate combat design that rewards teamwork and grit.


Find your way to your teammates with proximity voice chat and grow together in power. Each match, you’ll go from spawning in the darkness with a flashlight, to forming a fully stocked 8-player co-op squad with assault rifles and explosives. An ever-present threat remains: if a responder dies, all of their progress is lost.


No More Room in Hell 2 continues the dark, grounded aesthetic and intense action horror approach of the original game while expanding its vision dramatically,” said Steve Piggott, CEO and creative director at Torn Banner Studios. “We’re excited to be the new shepherds of a franchise we adored as fans and we’re thrilled to take up the mission of capturing the iconic horror of classic zombie cinema. We want to blow people away with our first co-op game, pushing Torn Banner’s skill in multiplayer action to a whole new level.”

Powered by Unreal Engine 5, No More Room in Hell 2 is a co-op game with consequences coming to early access on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store this Halloween.

We look forward to sharing more with our community over the next month with more details coming during the PC Gaming Show on June 9th, a Torn Banner Studios Twitch livestream on June 11th, plus multiple blogs exploring details of No More Room in Hell 2. 

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Watch yourselves out there, Responders!

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